Sustaining people against Karachi’s dusty dry weather is the city’s much-needed parks and green spaces that act like an oasis bustling with life and shining bright green and blue under the harsh sun. Here is our list of the city’s best – and most beautiful – parks and green spaces.

Bin Qasim Park

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Bin Qasim Park

Bin Qasim Park | © Sulemansajjad/FlickrThis is one of the largest parks in Karachi, covering 130 acres of land, making it ideal for picnics and lazy strolls because of its large green lawns, ample shaded canopies and benches. The park also has a turtle pond, dinosaur figures and a large rose garden. The park’s lush green gardens overlook the 90-metre high Port Fountain of Karachi Port Trust. It also faces Clifton Beach, so it’s easy to access both natural spaces at the same time.More info

Nisar Shaheed Park

Nisar Shaheed Park is a lush green park spread over 26 acres of land with walking paths and a one-kilometre jogging track. There is also a playground with swings for kids as well as tuck shops and a gym for members on the premises.

Nisar Shaheed Park, Defense Phase IV Karachi, Pakistan

Hill Park

Hill Park is massive and so very functional with its age-old trees, lush gardens, a pond full of ducks (which you can feed) a walking track and a viewing gallery at the highest point of the hill with a great view of the city. Furthermore, the park is also home to an amusement park with an arcade and a restaurant. It’s also dog-friendly, which sadly, most parks in Karachi are not. Work out, play, walk your dog, visit the amusement park and grab some of the city’s best chai at Hill Park all in one evening! Numerous species of beautiful birds also nest in this park.

Hill Park, Osman Issa Bhai Memon Road, Karachi, Pakistanhill park

Beautiful Hill Park | © Adnanrail/WikiCommons

Neighborhood Park

ParkShareAdd to PlanNeighborhood Park is a beautiful green space with colourful flowers and many trees, which makes it an enjoyable place for everyone. There is also a basketball court beside the park, which adds to its appeal, as players from all over the city come to engage in the sport there. The park also has its own team by the very same name.More info

Aziz Bhatti Park

This park comes with its very own natural lake and its fresh grass is spread over eight acres of land. There are many flowering plants and trees here as well and it’s a great spot for relaxing and walking.

Aziz Bhatti Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Area, University Road, Karachi, Pakistanaziz bhatii park

Aziz Bhatti Park | © Adnanrail/WikiCommons

Hilal Park

ParkShareAdd to PlanThis is a cute little park tucked away in the city’s posh Defense area, maintained to the utmost standards and with many colourful flowers and different species of plants. It’s a great place to unwind, catch up on your fitness regimen or engage in some relaxing yoga. Hilal Park is often bustling with people from the neighbourhood of all ages and cultures but mostly from the upper class.More info

Safari Park

Karachi’s biggest park is the decade-old Safari Park, which was built in 1970 and is home to large lakes, hilly plateaus, lawns and hundreds of trees. The park has a sanctuary-style zoo with viewing facilities made up of chairlifts and safari tracks. The natural swan lake with pagoda-style sitting places around it is another top attraction. As the park is so massive, you can take your car inside and drive around the road built within the park to find your perfect hideout.

Safari Park, University Rd, Karachi, Pakistansafai park

Karachi’s largest, Safari Park | © Shahid1024/WikiCommons

Zamzama Park

ParkShareAdd to PlanLocated opposite to the bustling Zamzama shopping street, Zamzama Park is an oasis of tropical palm-like trees with a long track for running and jogging. There are also some swings for kids, making it an ideal evening getaway from a long hard day at work.

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